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Charmacy Pharmaceutical SuccessfullyListed on the Main Board of

The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong

Total turnover of approximately HK$ 64.44 million

[14 December 2015, Hong Kong] Charmacy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“Charmacy Pharmaceutical” or the “Company”; stock code: 2289.HK), one of the leading pharmaceuticaldistributors in Southern China, began trading on the Main Board of TheStock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“HKEX”) today.

A total of approximately 8.02 million shares were changed hands, with an aggregate turnoverof approximately HK$ 64.44 million.

Mr. Yao Chuanglong, Chairman,Executive Director and CEO of Charmacy Pharmaceutical, said, “Thesuccessful listing on the HKExsignifies the beginning of a new stage in the international capitalmarket, and it marks an important milestone of the Company as well. We arehonored to receive enthusiastic support from our investors. Standing at a newstarting point, we will continue expanding our business scale. Weplan to establish our new distribution center through acquiringmature pharmaceutical distribution business in the Southern China region, so as to enlarge ourcustomer base and deepen our market penetration. Meanwhile, Charmacy Pharmaceutical will further develop our B2B e-commerce platform anddiversify our product mix, thereby creating fruitful value for shareholders. We are confident in the long term development of the Company.

Mr. Yao Chuanglong, Chairman,Executive Director and CEO of Charmacy Pharmaceutical, (6th from left),together with other guests.

Mr. Yao Chuanglong, Chairman, Executive Director and CEO of Charmacy Pharmaceutical, said,” The successful listing on the HKExsignifies the beginning of a new stage in the international capitalmarket, and it marks an important milestone of the Company as well.

About Charmacy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Charmacy Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. (stock code: 2289.HK) is one of the leading pharmaceutical distributors inSouthern China; its distribution network includes Southern China and otherregions, such as Fujian Province and it distributes the products to distributorcustomers, retail pharmacy stores, and hospitals, clinics, health centers andothers. Charmacy Pharmaceutical is the third largest privately-owned pharmaceutical distribution company in the Southern China in terms of revenuegenerated from pharmaceutical distribution business in 2014. Charmacy Pharmaceutical has a variety of product offerings including western medicines,Chinese patent medicines, healthcare products, Chinese medicine material anddecoction pieces, medical devices and cosmetic products. In June 2015, Charmacy Pharmaceutical started the pilot run of its B2B e-commerce platform and itexpects the platform will operate in full scale in the fourth quarter of 2015in order to offer a more convenient service to clients. Charmacy Pharmaceutical plans to strengthen, expand and integrate its existingdistribution network and capabilities to increase distribution coverage,capacity and operating efficiencies and lower our cost and plan to upgrade andpromote its B2B e-commerce platform to enhance its market position in SouthernChina.

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