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In April 2017,Charmacy Pharmaceutical  launch  the second phase of the information constuction project。

In  March 2017,Charmacy Pharmaceutical  sign an agreement with Zhuhai Hengxiang Pharmaceutical Limited.Pursuant to it, we will invest RMB18 million to boost our stake in ZhuhaiHengxiang to 70%, thereby becoming its controlling shareholder.

Charmacy Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. Beame the controlling shareholder of Guangzhou Wangkang Pharmaceutical Science and technology Co.,Ltd. by purchasing 90% stock rights in the first half of 2017 .


In  March ,2016,we sign a strategic cooperation agreement with SAP in GuangZhou, a global application solution provider .The first phase of the information constuction project of Charmacy Pharmaceutical ——SAP system  launched officially.

In November,2016, the first phase of the construction of informatization was launched.


On December 14, 2015, Charmacy Pharmaceutical successfully listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. 

Charmacy has delivered E-Commerce platform and starts to B2B e-business.


In order to expand the pharmaceuticalmarket in South China, Foshan Charmacy logistics distribution center was began to operate.


Charmacy was approved in third-party pharmaceutical logistics by Guangdong Food and Drug Administration.


Charmacy built logistics distribution center in Shantou.


Charmacy built distribution stations outside of Shantou (includes Chaonan district and Chenghai district) to extend business in east of  Guangdong province.


Charmacy began to engage in pharmaceutical business in Shantou.

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