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Charmacy Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.( “Charmacy Pharmaceutical” or the “Company”;  Stock Code: 2289.HK) , whose businesses are all around Pearl River Delta , originated from the eastern region of Guangdong Province with Guangdong Charmacy Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. establishing in 2011 , as well as Zhuhai Chuangmei Hengxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Charmacy Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. acquiring in the first half of 2017. The Company's main business is the distribution of pharmaceuticals ,which faces to the downstream distributors and terminal chemists , including western medicine and Chinese patent medicine , health care products and the provision of related consulting services . Centering on the user-built logistics center , non-bid maket within a radius of 250 kilometers will get a complete coverage . With the advantage of product scale and capacity of Fast delivery , Charmacy Pharmaceutical could put the selling network into the terminal of the pharmaceutical market . Basing on Punctuation information China pharmaceutical industry market research report (2016) , sales volume of Charmacy Pharmaceutical in Guangdong Province ranked 7th among pharmaceutical distributers in Guangdong , and ranked 2th among private enterprises . Basing on commerce department Operation statistical analysis report of pharmaceutical circulation industry (2016) , income of Charmacy Pharmaceutical ranked 37th among pharmaceutical distributers in China .


In order to promote the sales and customer experience , B2B e-commerce platform was set up . Fast search and inquiry , scanning code and placing an order , payment and settlement , a series of speedy operations are done whenever and wherever , which could promote efficiency of sevice and offer more efficient and speedy  purchasing experiences .

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